Mike Anzalone

Mike AnzaloneGeneral Manager


Mike joined the staff at Ozark Natural Foods in 2006 as our Retail Manager, and has been the Store Manager for the past several years. In 2016 he became General Manager. He oversees all store operations, including retail departments and the Front End. Mike worked for Trader Joe’s in California, and brings to our Co-op a new level of expertise in merchandising, product mix, and store operations.

Gary Cook

Gary CookFinance Manager


Gary has been at Ozark Natural Foods since 2003. He started as the bookkeeper and was promoted to Finance Manager in 2006. He oversees the accounting, pricing, and information technology at the Co-op. He received a BS in Business Management from Arkansas State University. He enjoys live music, being out in nature, finding healthy food to eat, and bike riding.

Pauline Thiessen

Pauline ThiessenFresh Foods Manager


Pauline is the Fresh Foods Manager leading both the produce and prepared foods departments at the co-op, where she has been employed for over 15 years. Her passion is to work with local farmers, food producers, and help develop local food networks. She also works with regional and national organizations that champion movements for sustainable agriculture, the cooperative business model, and organic farming practices and serves on the National P6 Board of Directors. She resides on her own 78 acre homestead farm near Marble, AR.

Kayla Moorehead

Kayla MooreheadHuman Resources Manager


Kayla joined the ONF staff in September 2017. She is working on her Master’s degree in Human Resource and Workforce Development at the University of Arkansas. When she’s not playing with her son or her two dogs, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and camping.

Carrie Kent

Carrie KentMarketing Director


Carrie achieved her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Design from the University of Arkansas and has worked at ONF since May 2017. She loves rock climbing, playing guitar, hiking, live music, traveling, watching movies, floating on the river and spending time with family and friends.

Carrie Hilderbrandt

Carrie HilderbrandtWellness Manager


William Beaver

William BeaverGrocery Manager


William has been an owner at the Co-op since 1994. He first worked for the Co-op in 2001 as Front End Manager and then as Owner Services Manager. He also started the Beer and Wine Department and helped care for the physical facility. William has been heavily involved with the construction industry over the years as well, especially in energy efficiency and currently a house remodel. You'll find him spending his free time with his wife Cynthia and dog Honey.

Tanja Ray

Tanja RayFront End Manager


Tanja first worked at the Co-op in 2001, helping customers at the Owner Service Desk, stocking shelves in grocery, and buying specialty lines for the store. She returned in 2012 and has been a part of the front end department supervisor team since then. Tanja loves to improve operations and keep customers and owners happy during their shopping experience. In her free time she can be found swimming at Beaver Lake, hiking at Devil’s Den, or hanging out on her back deck watching her tomato plants grow.