Great Fermentations launch

Naturally Probiotic Pickles!

Are you taking care of your gut bugs? If not, you oughta be. Your gut microbes are an integral part of your body’s immune system! One easy way to get your daily probiotic fix is to eat a little fermented food with each meal. Our local artisan producer of probiotic pickled veggies is Great Fermentations, and their live culture products can be found in the refrigerated section of our store. If you haven’t tried their Crunchy Kraut or Jalapeno Slices, you are in for a healthy and delicious treat.

While many of us take probiotic pills to boost our gut health, researchers are finding that many of these probiotic bacteria unfortunately do not make it intact through our digestive tract when taken in supplement form. Recent studies (1,2,3) have found that when probiotics are consumed “in a complex & nutrient-rich matrix …or with prebiotic fiber”, they are more likely to survive and colonize the digestive tract. In other words, it’s best to get your probiotics as nature intended: on your naturally fermented foods! According to Cat Swenson, Fermenter-In-Chief, “This is just one of the reasons that all Great Fermentations products contain both PRObiotics as well as PREbiotic fiber, like the inulin found in jicama.”

Now THAT is food for thought!

Footnotes (research referenced above):
3)      Microbiol Res. (Microbial Research Journal) 2013 Jul 19;168(6):351-9. doi: 10.1016/j.micres.2013.01.004. Epub 2013 Feb 13.

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