2016 proxy ballot

If you’re shopping in the next few weeks, chances are good that your cashier will speak to you about proxy appointments. This year’s Annual Owners Meeting is coming up on Sunday, September 18th, and we are looking to collect as many proxies as possible. So what is a proxy and why is it important?

In order for ONF to officially start the Annual Owners Meeting, we need to meet what is called quorum. Set by the co-op’s bylaws, quorum is the minimum number of owners needed to be present to conduct our annual meeting. Proxy ballots work as placeholders for those owners who cannot attend the Annual Owners Meeting. If you are not able to attend the meeting, you can fill out a proxy and give it to an owner who is attending the meeting. If you don’t have someone in mind to bring your proxy to the meeting for you, you can leave it in the drawer at the Community Board across from the Owner Services Desk and we will find an owner for you. These proxies will then be counted towards our quorum goal. You can pick up a proxy at the Owner Services Desk or from a cashier.

A proxy does NOT give someone the ability to vote for the Board of Directors for you. It simply helps us achieve quorum. If someone requests the floor be open to nominations, the proxy vote can be used to vote in favor of opening the floor. But it does NOT mean the person holding the proxy can vote for the Board of Directors in your absence.

Of course, the best way to help us reach quorum is to come to the Annual Owners Meeting! This year’s meeting is going to be the best yet, with lunch consisting of delicious pulled pork provided locally and prepped from Grassroots Co-op, BBQ seitan, BBQ shiitake mushrooms from Sweden Creek, plus some amazing sides and salads provided by our very own A la Carte! For dessert, local food truck Chunky Dunk will be here partnering with Little Rock-based Loblolly Ice Cream to serve up some ice cream sandwiches!

But perhaps most importantly, by attending the Annual Owners Meeting you’ll have the opportunity to ask our Board candidates any questions you may have. The Annual Owner’s Meeting will take place from 12pm-2pm, with check-in beginning at 11am.
This year we have 4 candidates running for 2 open seats on the Board of Directors. You can get to know them in advance by checking out their candidate statements here. During the meeting on the 18th there will be time for questions and answers so that any owner has the opportunity to hear from the candidates directly before submitting their vote. You can vote online or in-store from September 18th through October 2nd.

If you have any questions about proxy ballots or the Annual Owners Meeting, please feel free to email me at ali@onf.coop.

~Ali, Marketing Director

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