Made-to-Order Salads in A la Carte
By Rachel McDonald, Night & Weekend Manager

As the weather gets warmer, I always want lighter fare. After a 5.5 mile bike ride and a Cardio Barre class, I was definitely in the mood for something light. When I went up to the counter in A la Carte and I was trying to decide what I wanted to eat, I remembered the made-to-order salads. You can find these packaged up, but if you are eating here, just ask for it to be made on a plate to ditch the packaging!

These salads are so filling and worth every penny. The dressing always comes on the side, so you can decide how much you want. The toppings are fresh and the dressings made from scratch in our kitchen. When you order a salad, be sure to ask for grilled chicken on top (if you eat meat) for added protein.

Today, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. In my opinion, this is the classic Caesar salad: a bed of Organic Romaine topped with Organic Red Onions, Organic Cherry Tomatoes, All-Natural Grilled Chicken, with a side of fresh made Caesar Dressing. For $8.99, you can’t beat that quality and flavor.

We also offer an Asian Ginger Salad and Greek Salad for here or take-out! Feel free to ask to customize the salads as you like. Want a Greek Salad with chicken or like it without olives? Just ask! We are happy to accommodate your tastes.

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