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Quite a few years back, sometime in the early 2000s, I went to a cooking class here at the Co-op taught by Katherine Lorraine. Katherine owned an amazing little eatery here in Fayetteville called The Village Epicurian. It was fresh, healthy, and delightful in every way.

At the cooking class, Katherine taught us how to make asparagus soup. I’d never experienced a soup as delightful as her asparagus soup! It sounds so healthy… almost too healthy. But the reality was it had the perfect balance of super green goodness and creamy decadence.

A few weeks ago our deli marvel Pauline Theissen announced that she was once again putting asparagus soup on the menu here at Ozark Natural Foods. Ohhhh my taste buds were excited. Would it be as good as Katherine’s asparagus soup? I hunted down Bryan Cheney, our deli assistant manager, and asked him for the new soup schedule then waited with bated breath for asparagus soup day to roll around.

I have to tell y’all, the first bite of that asparagus soup was likely traveling back in time straight to The Village Epicurian. Our Co-op asparagus soup is divine!!! Healthy, creamy, full of flavor, and just the right size for a nice lunch or a light dinner. It also comes with a wedge of fresh baked bread made by Sharon, Madeline, and Sierra, our in-house bakery team.

If you haven’t had the asparagus soup yet I recommend stopping by the Co-op on Thursdays and Saturdays. Just beware, this is locally made in-house in small batch sizes, just like all of our deli soups. It’s ephemeral and sells out fast. My philosophy is enjoy it while it’s here, just like the first flowers of spring, and treasure it as a special Co-op delight. If you want to make sure we have it in stock, call ahead at 479-521-7558 and ask for our deli. You can view our entire deli menu here. See you soon!

🙂 Tanja Ray, Front End Manager

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