My Favorite New Product at the Co-op: Pranarom Carrier Oils
By Emily Timmons, Personal Care Buyer

My favorite essential oil company has done it again! This time, Veriditas by Pranarom has introduced a new line of carrier oils that are the new standard. These oils are of course Eco Cert certified organic, which is the European certification, as well as being USDA certified organic. Veriditas’s goal with these new oils is to provide organic virgin and infused oils that are key products to enhance the therapeutic properties of essential oils for improved health and well-being for you and yours.

I even love the bottles these oils come in! They are 2 ounce amber glass bottles with a dropper top that allows complete control over the amount you use. I use about 3-5 drops with each application, which means these oils will last longer since I won’t over-pour or waste any. Now, it is worth noting that while these oils have a long shelf life when unopened, once they have been opened it’s best to use them within 3 months. This is simply to insure therapeutic potency. These oils have proved to be so potent that I often use them without adding any essential oils to them; though Veriditas does recommended to use them as a base for all of your essential oil delights.

Now for the good stuff: Just what are these amazing oils I am talking about?

•Arnica oil: A precious oil infusion used to soothe achy joints and muscles
•Avocado oil: For a multitude of uses for radiant skin
•Argan oil:  For luxurious and restorative cosmetic oil. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
•Black Cumin oil: A skin care treasure, high in antioxidants that promote cellular regeneration
•Borage oil: An ideal oil to benefit maturing or damaged skin
•Calendula oil: The oil infusion with perfect healing properties; normalizes inflammation, and calms itchy skin
•Carrot oil: An oil infusion high in vitamins to brighten and revitalize the skin
•Evening Primrose oil: Ideal for maturing skin, with nourishing and conditioning benefits for face, neck, and hands
•Hazelnut oil: The ultimate easy-to-use neutral oil, with a hint of hazelnut aroma
•Macadamia oil: Good all-around cosmetic oil, particularly moisturizing for the skin as well as for hair and nails
•St. John’s Wort oil: A wonderful oil to support damaged skin, bruises, and minor wounds
•Tamanu oil: One word is used to describe this healing oil – Regenerate!

My favorite use for the St. John’s Wort oil has been to combine two drops of the oil with 1 drop of lavender oil for healing insect bites. I am highly allergic to tick bites, and this wonder oil ceases the itching and diminished the bite within a week of using it. Normally, a bite will last months for me. Needless to say, I’m completely sold on the wonders of St. John’s Wort oil.

My favorite use for the Black Cumin oil has been a scalp treatment mask. I washed my hair, applied a blend of the oil with a few drops of rosemary essential oil all over my scalp and let it sit for about an hour, and then shampooed again. Talk about a game changer! Scalp itch relief with soft, shiny, nourished hair. I didn’t have to use conditioner for days.

Lastly, my favorite use for the carrot seed oil has been to simply apply it to my face and neck after cleansing. It immediately softened and brightened my skin.

I can’t wait to try out more of these new oils and I hope you will too! A big thank you to Veriditas for supplying us with these marvelous oils with unlimited benefits! Come by your co-op’s Wellness department and get your hands on these amazingly therapeutic oils today.

The entire line of Pranarom carrier oils are on sale for owners until May 1st.

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