The Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, February 26th at 6:30pm in the Co-op Community Room at Ozark Natural Foods. Any owner is welcome to attend. To contact your Board, email

2018 Board of Directors


Dr. Ben Ozanne, President, 2020

Danielle Dotson, Vice President, 2019

Elizabeth Quinn, Secretary/Treasurer, 2019

Joshua Youngblood, 2018

James Selvey, 2018

John Bailey, 2019

Connor Corley, 2020

If you are interesting in running for the Board please fill out the 2019 Board Application Packet.

The next Board of Directors Meeting will be March 26th from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the community room at Ozark Natural Foods.

If you would like to speak at the Board meeting, please fill out the Board Meeting Comment Form.

February 2019 Board Meeting Agenda

2018 Policy Governance: 

01-23-2018 Policy Governance Final

May 2017 Policy Committee Minutes

2017 Annual Report:
You can view 2017 Annual Report

Board Minutes:

AOM 2017_Minutes

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Governance Documents: This document was developed by the Co-op Board of Directors to provide a policy and framework establishing specific areas of Board and Management responsibilities and authorities and a system of accountability.

Policy Governance


Articles of Incorporation

Certificate of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

Our ENDs Statements:

Because of Ozark Natural Foods, there is access to a network of local producers and a
coalition of co-ops.
• Owners and potential owners have affordable food, resources, and services available
to them;
• Owners and potential owners are informed about cooperative principles and values,
relevant environmental, food, and consumer issues, and the co-op’s long term vision;
• Owners and potential owners trust the integrity of the food and the wholesomeness of
the products we provide;
• Northwest Arkansas has a nourishing environment and strong cooperative economics.

Read an article “Ensuring Meaningful Elections” from the Cooperative Grocer Network here.