Local Produce Calendar Availability Chart*

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*The local growing season can be very unpredictable due to changes in weather, so we can’t know for certain that all of these items will be available every year. For example, if we get a hard frost late in the spring, it could completely destroy the apple and pear crops.

*Items that are listed for year round availability are items that are grown in controlled environments (like hoop-houses or greenhouses) and even in these conditions, year round items can gap.

*If you don’t see something on this list, it means that it is only available from outside of our local region. Please refer to the organic fruit and vegetable availability lists below for these items!

*Though the products listed above may be able to grow outside of the times listed, this product availability list is based on what our produce department usually receives from our local vendors.

Organic Fruit Availability Chart

Organic Vegetable Availability Chart