Neighbors Serving Neighbors: Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters
By Andrew LeVoir, Marketing Assistant

Established in 1982, Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters is your one-stop shop for all your backpacking, climbing, caving, and hiking needs. Located in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center, just a few doors down from your local community co-op, Uncle Sam’s offers many of the highest quality brands available for your favorite outdoor activity. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots for a hike at Devil’s Den, or a tent for camping on the Buffalo River, Uncle Sam’s has everything you need for a one day hike or a weeklong backpacking trip.

Uncle Sam’s offers boots, shoes, and highly functional clothing to keep you comfortable on the trail and in the woods, as well as highly specialized gear for your campfire cooking, caving, and biking needs. They also carry guide books for hiking, crash pads for climbers, and duffel bags and backpacks for travelers, to name just a few of the items they have in stock.

Uncle Sam’s also has the best selection of military surplus items in Northwest Arkansas. They carry ammo boxes, a selection of bags and packs from around the world, tactical gear, camo for kids, and memorabilia for military families and enthusiasts. With BDU pants and shorts, boonie hats, ACU pants, EMT pants, and wool socks to choose from, Uncle Sam’s has your military needs covered. They also stock a wide variety of medals, chest pins, patches, and memorabilia to honor a loved one or to use for decorative purposes.

Ozark Natural Foods created our Neighbors Serving Neighbors program a few years ago with a desire to support and contribute to the success of local businesses in Fayetteville and the Northwest Arkansas community. Creating a thriving local economy is a win-win for everyone involved.

Uncle Sam’s has been part of NSN since 2014 and offers a 10% discount to owners on their wide selection of backpacks (excluding sale items). For more information, head over to or call 479-521-7779. You can also find Uncle Sam’s on Facebook and Twitter.