Did you know your co-op sells organic and all natural pet care products? We have a wide selection of products hand selected for your furry friends! To learn more about what we’ve got in stock, keep reading below!


Treats for your Pet Family

If you have a cat and/or dog, I’m sure you have had them turn up their nose to some types of treats that you give them. They just aren’t appealing to some pets and it can be frustrated spending your money on something that they won’t eat. Orijen pet treats are the best example of a high quality treat that many pets truly love. The treats are freeze dried with natural meats, poultry, or fish. Each cat and dog treat has ethical standards, including using ranch-raised meat without preservatives or antibiotics and local sourcing when at all possible.

Photo of Bailey

Many pet owners that I have talked to have had great experiences using these treats and say their pets go crazy for them. My dogs start doing all of their tricks at once as soon as they even see a bag of it. At the co-op, we sell three different flavors of Orijen cat treats; Original, Tundra, and Ranch-Raised Lamb. For dogs, we sell Alberta Wild Boar, Ranch-Raised Lamb, and Free Range Bison treats. My dog Bailey goes crazy over the Free Range Bison and my dog Dug loves the Alberta Wild Boar the best.

Photo of Dug

-Emily Colford Gallagher, Pet Care Buyer