Hello Ozark Natural Foods friends! I hope that you’re having a great week, enjoying this awesome burst of Fall weather. Here in the produce world, we are starting to see a new round of seasonal fruits move in. We have local sweet potatoes from Sycamore Bend Farm, a great variety of fall pears, and we’re slowly starting to see some new citrus varieties on our radar.


The most prominent fall item that comes to mind though, is apples! We got our first batch of Honeycrisp apples, and some other yummy varieties such as Jonagold, Macintosh, and Ginger Golds. While local apples seem to be a rarity to get in stock, we finally found a regional source. We got Gala, Jonathan, and Red Delicious apples from Peach Crest Farm out of Oklahoma. They taste excellent and look great! This is the most amounts of regionally sourced apples that we have gotten in years!

I encourage you to come on in and try out some fresh, new apples and pears. Feel free to ask for a sample from one of our produce crew if you’re curious about the taste of a new variety. We should also have our first, (and possibly last), batch of Kokopelli peaches today. While stone fruit season is on its way out, these peaches are the produce crew’s favorite variety, and we’re very excited to finally get to see them for the first time this year.

There are a lot of fall fruits and veggies coming in so get your cookbooks out, and look forward to whipping up some of your favorite cool-weather dishes, and some new ones as well.