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Welcome! We recently combined our feed store and pet departments, expanded them both, and created our brand new farm & garden store called The Homestead at Ozark Natural Foods! The Homestead still has the same great products you know and love from our feed store and pet departments, plus a wide variety of brand new products for your backyard chickens and goats, gardens, and pets. We are still the only place in Arkansas and the surrounding region to offer 100% certified organic chicken and livestock feed. We also carry all-natural GMO-free chicken feed, and both the organic and all-natural come to us from Thayer, KS and Elgin, TX.

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday 7:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm

4th Annual Baby Chick Sale!

It’s chick pre-order time! Pre-orders can be placed at the Homestead at Ozark Natural Foods. (just 2 doors down from the main entrance) Please be prepared to pay for your orders when you place them. The deadline for ordering is Wednesday, March 29th.

The chickens must be picked up between April 13th -20th in the Homestead. Please note that the minimum order is six chicks, and that all of the chicks we’re offering will be hens. It’s unlawful to sell less than six poultry birds under the age of two months to a single person. You do not have to purchase six of the same breed, and we actually recommend getting a few different types to start a flock for a good collection of different eggs! Here are all of the bird breeds, along with short descriptions of each:

Silver Laced Wyandotte

The Wyandotte breed originated in Wisconsin in 1870s.   This particular color of the Wyandotte breed was the first type of Wyandotte and was included in the American Standard of Poultry Perfection in 1883. Their broad loose fitting plumage is a patterned stark and striking black and white. The contrasting, yet elegant plumage and vivid red rose comb make a grand appearance in the backyard and shows alike. They are a docile, friendly breed and layer of brown eggs.



The Americana breed’s origins begin in Chile, South America. They are also called the “Easter Egger” chicken because of their high production of colored eggs varying from sky blue to light green to an occasional pink. In addition to the beautiful and unique egg colors, the Americana chicken has a wide assortment of stunning plumage. Another rare trait of the chicken are beard and muff feathers, giving their faces a special look.  They are a hardy bird, great in the backyard flock with a mild mannered yet energetic disposition.


Rhode Island Red
The Rhode Island Red breed is an old time favorite laying hen. The American breed was developed in Rhode Island during the early 1900s and is now quite possibly the most famous of all backyard egg laying breeds. Their feathers take on a deep rusty red hue as adult hens. The highly sought breed prolifically lays large brown eggs.


Barred Plymouth Rock
The Barred Rock is the original color plumage of the Plymouth Rock chicken. The breed history begins in the state of Massachusetts in the 1840s. Many outstanding qualities, from easy management to good meat and egg production led to the Plymouth Rock being one of the most widespread chicken breeds in the US in the early 1900s. The Barred Rock has a tight feather pattern of black and white bars on a common barnyard chicken build. They are cold weather hardy, good sitters, and layers of large brown eggs.


Buff Orpington
The Buff Orpington breed is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your flock. Golden orange feathers on a plump stately body with a soft fluffy appearance are a real eye catcher. In addition to the good looks, the Buff Orpington are good mothers and layers of brown eggs. The breed was developed in the late 1800s in Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom.


The origin of the Turken is uncertain, but is said to have originated in Transylvania or Eastern Hungary. The breed originally was and sometimes still is called the Naked Neck due to its neck being completely free of feathers. They are a large bird and with various feather colors. They have a spot of feathers on their head, a naked neck, and a full body of feathers. They have a gentle disposition and are good for meat and eggs. They are very popular in Europe, but still rare in the United States.


How It Works

The Homestead at Ozark Natural Foods is located just two doors down from the co-op. Previously, we have been able to offer our organic chicken and livestock feed out of our basement on the north side of the store and and our farm, garden, and pet supplies in-store. With so much love and support for these products, we decide to give them the room they need to grow! We hope that you enjoy the ease of shopping for your farm or backyard buddies with the new setup. We will have a staff member available who can help you make a decision regarding livestock and chicken feeds, and pet foods and supplies. You can still shop using your owner number to access owner deals and accrue patronage as you shop just as you would for your own groceries. And, as always, everyone is welcome whether you are an owner or not!

A senior Jack Russell Terrier with tennis ball by her lets, waiting to play fetch at the backyard garden

Special Orders

We can also accommodate large quantities of chicken and livestock feed in bulk, from over 50lbs up to five tons. There is a 10% case discount on orders exceeding 1 ton. For orders of this size, please contact The Homestead before you come in so that we can prepare for your order. This will ensure that we have your order in stock and will also provide you with the freshest organic feed that you can get.

What We Have To Offer

Here is a small selection of what we have to offer!

•    Bulk and packaged organic chicken and livestock feed
•    Chubby meal worms sold by the pound
•    Organic composts and soil amendments
•    Expanded selection of high quality pet food, treats, supplements, and toys, including cannabis-based pet wellness products
•    Primal frozen raw pet food, goat’s milk, and local raw meaty bone
•    OMRI approved soils and sprays for pests

Vegetables in a wooden basket with gardening trowl

•    Organic heirloom and hybrid seeds
•    Approved soil amendments
•    Local and handcrafted garden accessories, such as bamboo trellises
•    Mushroom growing kits
•    A full line of canning supplies
•    Sprouting seeds and supplies
•    Locally sourced and grown potted plants and plant starts
•    Naturally grown Christmas trees
•    Handmade wreaths
•    Annual spring chick sale
•    Cheese-making supplies
•    Fermenting crocks
•    Unique jars and bottles for your homegrown goodies and kombucha
•    Fowl Play chicken swings

Is there a product that you would like us to consider putting on our shelves? Do you have a suggestion for a class or have another recommendation? You can email Crista, our Farm & Garden Manager, at, or call her at 479.521.7558.

Pet Care

Ozark Natural Foods loves all furry animals, and we want your pets to be as healthy as you! That’s why we seek out the best brands and products, focusing on pet foods with great ingredients and pet care products that are safe and effective. We stock many different pet products including pet foods (dry and canned), cat litter, treats, toys, pet supplements, calming aids, pet waste bags and even bulk pet food. Bulk pet food is a great opportunity for you to purchase a little for your pet to try before you invest in a larger size bag.

Looking for a grain free dog or cat food? Look no further! Pet allergies are extremely common with conventional pet foods, so we carry a variety of grain free and allergen free products. Looking for a specific item we don’t carry? Try placing a special order at our Owner Services Desk to see if we can find the right product for your precious pet!

Brands we love:
Whole Earth Farms
Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks
Taste of the Wild

West Paw Designs
Primal Pet Foods

Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care

Pet Naturals


Chicken & Livestock Feed Information

Thayer Feed

Thayer Feed (based out of Kansas) is sold in either 50lb bags or 10-13lb bags. We carry a Layer, Starter, Grower, Scratch, All Stock, and a new variety of Dairy Goat feed. We also now have rabbit feed! Ingredients for the Layer, Grower, and Starter are: corn, roasted soybeans, oats, alfalfa, milo, calcium, and a poultry nutritional balancer (a collection of vitamins and minerals that chickens need). The Scratch has only oats, corn, and milo.

barred cochin, blue cochin bantam, black australop, black rocks, black minorca, and white giant, white cochin,black giant, black cochin, blue cochin, white cochin, black langshan, and white langshan baby chicks. Buff cochin, buff cochin bantam, buff rocks, buff minorca, and buff orpington baby chicks

Contains *corn, *roasted soybeans, *oats, *alfalfa, *milo, calcium, poultry nutritional balancer (a collection of vitamins and minerals that chickens need). This is a complete ration for baby chicks recommended for the first 4-6 weeks. The higher protein and fat content is ideal for chick growth. Crude protein: 21%

Soy Free Grower:
Contains *peas, *flax meal, *corn, *barley, *milo, *wheat, fish meal, *alfalfa, *oats, calcium, diatomaceous earth, *starter mineral (*organic). The grower is given to chickens for the next 16 weeks or until the hens start laying eggs. This is also the recommended feed for broilers. Crude protein: 20%

Soy Free Layer:
Contains *peas, *flax meal pellets, *corn, *barley, *milo, *wheat, *oats, *alfalfa pellets, calcium, diatomaceous earth, *layer mineral (*organic). This is a complete ration for Laying Hens whether free range or in your back yard. Crude protein: 17%

Contains *oats, *corn, *milo, diatomaceous earth (*organic). This feed is a snack or treat for chickens of all growing stages. This is not intended to be the sole food source for chickens at any stage. Crude protein: 9%

All Stock Ration:
Contains *corn, *roasted soybeans, *oats, *alfalfa, *grower ration, diatomaceous earth (*organic). This will work for a wide range of animals that includes goats, swine, chickens, cows, horses and, even gamier birds like ducks and guinea fowl. Crude protein: 15%

Dairy Goat Feed:
Contains *corn, *roasted soybeans, *barley, *oats, salt, *molasses, *grower mineral (*organic). This feed is intended for dairy goats. Crude protein: 15%

Rabbit Feed:
Contains *flax, *corn, *alfalfa, *wheat, poultry nutri-balancer, *molasses, salt, diatomaceous earth (*organic)

Soy Free Swine Grower:
Contains *corn, *field peas, *oats, *flax, *swine grower.  Crude protein: 14%. (*organic)

Soy Free Horse Feed:
Contains *flax, *corn, *oats, *yeast, *molasses and diatomaceous earth. (*organic)

Freshly picked organic red radishes on wooden table, soil dirt on vegetables, selective focus


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