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Welcome to Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op, the podcast that brings the goodness of our community-owned grocery store, Ozark Natural Foods, straight to your ears! Join us as we explore the rich tapestry of sustainable living, healthful eating, and local flavor that defines the Ozarks. Each episode, we'll dish out juicy tidbits about the freshest organic produce, chat with local farmers and artisans. Ozark Natural Foods Podcast is your guide to living in harmony with nature, right here in the heart of the Ozarks. Tune in, and let's journey together toward a healthier, happier, and more vibrant community!

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Behind the Scenes of Co-op's Early Days: Stories & Insights with Dan Kelley

"Everybody that is a member of the Co-Op has a piece of the pie."
-Dan Kelley


From Food Truck to Co-Op Shelves: Stephanie Kirkpatrick's Success

“When you are really taking a painstaking approach to make sure the ingredients are of a high quality, the work and effort that goes into that are that much and it lasts a lot longer”.


From Grassroots to Greatness: Rania Truelly Explores the Transformation of Food Co-ops

“The Co-Op is still important to me. It's not just out of habit that I come back. There's something more about the Co-Op”.


“Knowing where your food comes from is a huge part of your life”. - Becky Canning

“Knowing where your food comes from is a huge part of your life”.


Krista Cloud on Supporting Small Businesses and Farmers in Arkansas

“There's a difference when you consume a product with the least amount of processing and real ingredients”.


Marc Laney on Prioritizing Values Over Profits at the Co-Op

“The Co-Op is not just a grocery store, it's a place to connect with other people in the community”.


Mike Anzalone's Passion for Co-Op Culture & Ozark History

“I'm going to work for the community, and I'm going to help build this business”.


Organic Farming Journey with Mark Cain: From Paris to the Ozarks

"If you can put your shoulder to the wheel on something that's positive, that's tangible, that can be your lifeline, to having a good outlook toward your community and toward your life in general.”


Revolutionary Design: Changing the Landscape of Community Spaces with Chris Baribeau

“The design of the co-op building was about more than just aesthetics. It was about creating a space that could overcome challenges and leverage its unique features to thrive and grow”.


Shane Hart Unveils the Creative Process of The Co-op Rebrand

"Our work begins with an approach that is grounded in curiosity and learning.”


Sustainable Food Revolution: How Co-ops Are Leading the Way - Joshua Youngblood and Danielle Dotson

“The Co-op is the best place to get the highest quality supplements and locally produced goods in Northwest Arkansas”.


Co-Op - The Next Chapter

Welcome to a fresh and invigorating episode of Ozark Natural Foods, The Co-Op Podcast, where we dive into the heart of Northwest Arkansas' food scene. In this episode, host Randy Wilburn is thrilled to welcome two pivotal figures steering the course of the largest food Co-Op in Arkansas—Dennis Hanley, the interim General Manager, and Alicia Powell, the Operations Manager.


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