Shane Hart Unveils the Creative Process of The Co-op Rebrand

"Our work begins with an approach that is grounded in curiosity and learning.”

February 2024

About The Show:
“Our work begins with an approach that is grounded in curiosity and learning.”

  • Shane Hart

In today's episode, we dive into the fascinating journey of Shane Hart, a creative and branding consultant who helped revitalize a local Co-Op in Fayetteville. Shane, with his deep roots in the community and a personal connection to the Co-Op, was eager to tackle this significant project.

To understand the Co-Op's essence, Shane's team engaged in months of research. They spoke to a diverse group of stakeholders—board members, customers, vendors, and farmers—to grasp the unique history and values that defined the Co-Op.

What emerged was a revitalized brand that strikes a perfect balance: honoring its community-focused legacy while also attracting new members and shoppers. Shane's commitment to the project stemmed from recognizing the Co-Op's iconic status in Fayetteville, and his vision was instrumental in reestablishing it as a beloved institution.

Today, thanks to this thoughtful approach to branding and community engagement, the Co-Op remains an integral part of life in Fayetteville, successfully adapting to the evolving food market.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:
Delve into the importance of community involvement in the realm of Co-Op success.
Realize the diverse benefits that arise from supporting local farming and craftsmanship.
Grasp the obstacles faced in branding and marketing co-operatives and effective methods to tackle them.
Understand the impact of compelling narratives in engaging potential members.
Explore how to adjust to evolving circumstances while preserving your Co-Op's cherished past.
All this and more on this episode of Ozark Natural Foods The Co-Op Podcast.

Important Links and Mentions In This Episode:
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Check out Black Box's website to learn more about their creative and branding consultancy services.
Become a member of the Co-Op to support the community and have access to exclusive benefits.
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