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Leadership and Staff

Mike Anzalone

General Manager

Mike Anzalone began at the Co-Op in 2006. He began as the Co-Op’s Retail Manager, a year later he was promoted to Store Manager, and in 2016 was hired by the Board of Directors to become the General Manager. Mike began his grocery career with Trader Joe’s and now has more than 20 years in the grocery industry. Although he has a strong background in day-to-day operations, he very much enjoys the change in duties to working directly with the board of directors, strategic planning, outreach on behalf of the cooperative business model and leading the Co-Op’s administrative team.

Emilie Butt

Store Manager

Emilie joined our team in 2019 as the Retail Store Manager. She oversees all the retail departments and the Front End. Emilie has 20 years of restaurant industry experience and is excited to bring her passion for organic natural foods to the Co-Op. When she’s not team building, Emilie enjoys spending time on Mt. Kessler with her husband, Jackson and their fur babies, the Happy Butts.

Lisa Garrett

Marketing Director

Lisa graduated from the UofA with a BSBA in marketing and management minor in Spring of 2017. Prior to obtaining her degree, Lisa was with the Co-Op for 7 years in various roles. She is passionate about the cooperative business model, supporting local, and all things marketing. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, hiking, floating, camping, gardening, cooking, and hibernating during winter months.

Tanja Ray

Human Resource Manager

Tanja first began working at the Co-Op in 2001. Since that time she has held a variety of positions in five different departments. In 2015 she became the Front End Manager and in 2019 she was promoted to the HR department. She has found her home as the Human Resources Manager for the Co-Op where she takes care of administrative tasks for staff. She loves the community vibe of working at the Co-Op and being part of an organization that does so much to support local vendors and the local food movement.

Pauline Thiessen

Fresh Foods Manager

Pauline is the Fresh Foods Manager leading both the produce and prepared foods departments at the Co-Op, where she has been employed for over 15 years. Her passion is to work with local farmers, food producers, and help develop local food networks. She also works with regional and national organizations that champion movements for sustainable agriculture, the cooperative business model, and organic farming practices and serves on the National P6 Board of Directors. She resides on her own 78-acre homestead farm near Marble, AR.

Peter Steffens

Front End Manager

Peter began working at the Co-Op in 2017. He brings with him nearly a decade of customer service experience, as well as a passion for natural, organic foods and supporting local food economies. Leading the Front End department since January 2019, Peter enjoys providing a fast, friendly checkout experience for all our members and guests, as well as supporting local food producers through our FarmHand program. When he is out of the store, he can usually be found buried in a book, enjoying live music, or exploring all the natural beauty that Fayetteville has to offer.

LA Godfrey

Wellness Manager

LA began her journey at the Co-Op as a cashier in 2010. After working her way through the ranks of the produce and wellness departments, she has now settled into her role as the Wellness Department Manager. She and her team are committed to providing our community with the most knowledgeable service and highest quality products, with a focus on sustainability.

Will Schuster

Grocery Manager

Will joined the Co-Op in 2019 as an Assistant Manager in the Grocery Department with a strong background in grocery and retail. He also has experience in graphic design and education in hospitality management. Since then, he has taken leadership as the Grocery Manager. He takes great pride in everything the Co-Op does from helping the community, supporting local options, and the Co-Op way of life. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, writing and playing music, camping, floating, wine tasting, and of course delicious food.

Jessica "Sparky" Sparks

Homestead Manager

Sparky is a Northwest Arkansas native that joined the Co-Op in 2013 working in the Deli. With her experience growing up around animals, gardens and small independent farming endeavors, she later switched to the Homestead department. As the manager of the Homestead department she aims to helping the community gain access to quality pet products, as well as new and old-school gardening resources along with her dedicated and capable team.

Donation Requests

Ozark Natural Foods’ End Statement

Ozark Natural Foods is a pro-active and vital member of the community.

Our Philosophy

Ozark Natural Foods is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of our community and strives to adhere to the seventh Cooperative Principle, Concern for Community.

Requesting a Donation

Please fill out the donation request form and please be specific about what you are requesting. This form must be completed IN FULL and turned in 3 weeks prior to the time needed. All requests submitted after this date will not be considered. You will be notified if your donation was approved.

All requests must be submitted on a donation request form. Calls and emails will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that we receive a lot of donation requests and we try to help as many organizations as possible. This means we tend to do smaller donations. Donations are given in the form of gift cards or products from the store.

We do not assist individuals but rather we will help the organization established to help individuals.

Donations must be picked up Monday – Friday from 9am to 4pm. If it is not picked up at the scheduled time, the donation will be forfeited.

You may also turn in a printable request form at the Owner Services Desk at the store’s front entrance; mail it to: Ozark Natural Foods, Attn: Heather Artripe, 380 N. College Ave. Fayetteville AR, 72701; or email it to

Donations are made at the discretion of Ozark Natural Foods and are not guaranteed.

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