The Co-Op is not just one community. It’s a collection of overlapping and intersecting communities. It’s a place for people who are passionate about supporting local farmers, for people who want to protect our environment, and for those of us that want to eat really good food.

All In The Family

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Dripping Springs Garden

Carroll County, Arkansas

Mark Cain began farming in 1978 with wisdom passed down from his grandparent’s generation. The farm grows a variety of organic vegetables, culinary herbs, and specialty cut flowers.

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Ames’ Orchard & Nursery

Washington County, Arkansas

Guy Ames was part of the back-to the-land counterculture of the 1970s and began creating his farming legacy in 1980. With no family history of farming, Guy is a self-taught farmer that fell in love with the Ozarks. Ames’ Orchard & Nursery grows certified naturally grown pears, apples, grapes, and berries. They are passionate about empowering others to grow their own pesticide free, high-quality fruit.

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Fat Top Farm

Farmington, Arkansas

Fat Top Farm produce is grown without any chemicals. They grow indoors so they’re able to prevent pests mechanically by filtering the air that comes in. Fat Top Farm supports two families that live and spend money in NWA. Your support pays for everything from utilities to dance lessons and all the things in between.

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Sycamore Bend

Eureka Springs, AR

Sycamore Bend Farm was started in 2009 and grows a wide variety of vegetables. In addition to providing delicious organic produce, Sycamore Bend Farm provides jobs to local people within our community.

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Three Springs Farm

Oaks, Arkansas

Three Springs Farm grows a wide variety of spring and summer crops, including broccoli, lettuce, beets and peppers, eggplant, and their all-time favorite: tomatoes. They started farming for the chance to engage in something fundamentally positive that nourishes not only the people who eat our food and soil on which we grow, but also their spirits.

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Hazel Valley

Eureka Springs, AR

The three families that makeup Hazel Valley Farms have always wanted to grow their own food. They have always searched for ways they could serve their local community and help their neighbors. So, they decided that farming would be a great way to help the local economy and provide healthy and local food to the community. Hazel Valley Farms carefully curates which vegetables they grow to directly to meet the needs of customers and also to try to inspire creativity in cooking and enjoyment of food.

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FarmHand is a community-giving opportunity that allows customers to ‘round up’ their Co-op purchases to the nearest dollar. We take those extra cents and give them directly to local organizations that are doing important work to better our community. A different vendor or nonprofit organization is selected to benefit from the round-ups each month.

The Co-op dedicates twelve months of the year are available through an annual application process.

Interested local nonprofit organizations can apply to be considered for the FarmHand Round-Up Program annually during September. Organizations are selected by a vote of Co-op members in October/November and winners are announced in December.


We keep donation boxes at all our registers. The charitable causes change every other month so everyone in our community has an opportunity to receive a helping hand, people and animals alike. If there is an organization you’d like to offer a donation, simply ask our cashiers to look up the name on our computer so we can help out the group of your choice.

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