The first fifty years The Co-Op has existed have been exciting, filled with great achievements and diverse opinions. The community that is The Co-Op has always come together through adversity to succeed. The next fifty years should prove no different.

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Since 1971, the Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op has been serving Fayetteville and the larger NWA area by providing fresh, responsibly-grown and sourced food; supporting local farmers, growers, and makers; and bringing together our community through a love of food that's good for us and our planet.

Ozark Natural Foods started out as an idea. Cecelia Hitte, who’d recently moved from Berkley, CA to Fayetteville, was familiar with co-ops in California. She was looking for healthy and moderately priced alternatives to what was then available here.
Ten people attended a meeting on October 4, 1971, at the home of Jerry and Marietta Price, who’d recently moved to Fayetteville. The idea of a member-run Ozark Food Co-Op was considered.
A second meeting, at a church on Maple Street near the U of A campus, drew 20 folks who bought $5 “lifetime” memberships in the new co-op. Cecelia was the first (volunteer) manager.
In a short time, the original Co-Op had grown enough that a back porch was inadequate and a retail space was needed. The back section of the newly opened Highroller Cyclery, 322 W. Spring.
The Co-Op continued to grow, as did the bike shop, and soon it was obvious that the Co-Op needed its own space.
An old warehouse on West Avenue that had once served as storage for railroad freight became our next retail location.
There was no cash register, and members checked themselves out and made their own change from the money drawer. Members were also required to work several hours each month at the Co-Op.
During the next seven years, the amount of customers and owners continued to grow, until Dickson Street became too small to hold Ozark Natural Foods.
In 1993, Ozark Natural Foods moved to Dickson Street. Dickson Street was a time of great prosperity for the Co-Op.
Ozark Natural Foods moved to a new location at 1554 North College Avenue, inside the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center.
The next four years saw Ozark Natural Foods grow steadily and the co-op experienced its largest growth ever.
The Co-Op has continued to expand and grow to serve our community. Now, at a new location—380 N College Ave.

Our Vision

We envision a world strengthened by cooperative economics and driven by concern for the health and well being of the planet and its inhabitants.

Mission Statement

Ozark Natural Foods is a locally owned consumer cooperative dedicated to healthful living and sustainability by providing our owners and the Northwest Arkansas community with natural and organic products and related services.


Radical Transparency

From where your food comes from to how every single cent is spent, The Co-Op is committed to radical transparency. This means you know where exactly your dollar goes and what exactly you are buying.
We can spend hours telling you every detail, but here’s the short answer: no one pays closer attention to what your family is eating than we do.


Ozark Natural Foods doesn’t just support local, we are local. We source many of our products from local vendors and support the growth of small, local farmers. To us, local means next door. It means one-on-one relationships with makers, growers, and small businesses. To us, local isn’t just a movement, it’s the only way to do business.

Real Community

The Co-Op is not just one community. It’s a collection of overlapping and intersecting communities. It’s a place for people who are passionate about supporting local farmers, for people who want to protect our environment, and for those of us that want to eat really good food.

of Quality

We evaluate every product that the Co-op sells with your health in mind. We stand behind the principle of not carrying Genetically Modified foods in the store.

All products sold at Ozark Natural Foods are free of:
  • Artificial Preservatives
  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Chemical Additives
  • Added MSG*
  • Non-irradiated
  • Organically grown and locally-sourced whenever possible

*certain products contain naturally occurring monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Democratic Participation

A Co-Op is a business that’s run by a community of people working together cooperatively. At our Co-Op, everyone has a voice in what we do and how we do it.

Become a Member

Become a member of the Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op and gain access to exclusive benefits. Purchase a new membership or renew an existing one.

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Special Sales

Look for the Member Sale tag and save on select products throughout the store. Sales change regularly, so check back!

Grassroots Democracy

Members democratically participate in the Co-Op by electing, our Board of Directors, holding office and joining committees. Only members can run for elected Board positions.

Exclusive Discounts

Owners 55 years and older receive 5% off every Wednesday and Thursday. U of A, JBU, NWACC and UAMS student-owners receive 5% off every Tuesday and Saturday.

Board of Directors


Randy Wilburn,


Danielle Dotson,

Vice President

Leanne Baribeau,

Secretary & Treasurer

Joshua Youngblood,

Policy Chair

Denny Warren,

Outreach Chair

Jacob Sheastley,

Board Member

Nick Carson,

Board Member

Board of Directors,


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