Mike Anzalone's Passion for Co-Op Culture & Ozark History

“I'm going to work for the community, and I'm going to help build this business”.

February 2024

About The Show:
“I'm going to work for the community, and I'm going to help build this business”.

  • Mike Anzalone

In this episode, host Randy Wilburn talks to Mike Anzalone, whose connection to Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op began in childhood. Mike's health-conscious mother used to drive to great lengths just to shop at the Co-Op, little knowing that her son would one day play a pivotal role in the same organization.

After honing his skills at Trader Joe's and returning to Arkansas, Mike joined the Co-Op as a retail manager. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this was the same place that had left a lasting impression on him as a child. Mike's passionate leadership helped transform the Co-Op from a modest store into a thriving community hub, boasting its largest membership to date.

Mike's journey is not just a career story; it's a testament to the power of community and the cooperative business model. His relentless dedication to serving the Co-Op members has had a lasting impact, not only enriching his own life but also touching the lives of countless others in the community. Tune in to hear more about Mike's inspiring tale and the transformative power of committed leadership.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:
Unearth the perks and member-driven nature of the cooperative business framework.
Explore the rich history and growth of Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op.
Realize the impact of supporting hometown farmers and the local economy.
Gain insights into navigating industry shifts and overcoming competition hurdles.
Delve into methods for broadening outreach and mitigating rural food scarcity.
All this and more on this episode of Ozark Natural Foods The Co-Op Podcast.

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