Krista Cloud on Supporting Small Businesses and Farmers in Arkansas

“There's a difference when you consume a product with the least amount of processing and real ingredients”.

February 2024

About The Show:
“There's a difference when you consume a product with the least amount of processing and real ingredients”.

  • Krista Cloud

Krista Cloud started her journey as a passionate supporter of local businesses and communities in Southwest Missouri. There, she volunteered at a farmers market, forming meaningful relationships with farmers and vendors. After moving to Northwest Arkansas with her husband, the pair launched Natural State Beverage, a company specializing in kombucha and natural sodas.

The inspiration to create their own business came from hosting a bike-packing event in Northwest Arkansas. The positive feedback they received on their homemade drinks led them to turn their passion into a business venture. As Krista settled into her new community, she became both a vendor and a shopper at Ozark Natural Foods (ONF). Her commitment to supporting local vendors traces back to her time in Missouri, and she's thankful for the supportive environment that ONF provides.

As Natural State Beverage continues to grow, Krista has high hopes. She aims to be the local go-to source for kombucha and sodas while maintaining strong community ties.

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What You Will Learn In This Episode:
Uncover the secrets behind Natural State Beverage's eco-friendly and sustainable practices.
Discover the uncompromising commitment to quality at Ozark Natural Foods.
Explore the vital role community connections play in the food industry landscape.
Realize the far-reaching benefits of supporting local businesses for community development.
Envision positive global impact through the power of sustainable food industry practices.
All this and more on this episode of Ozark Natural Foods The Co-Op Podcast.

Important Links and Mentions In This Episode:
Visit Ozark Natural Foods to purchase Kombucha and natural soda products. There’s a variety of mouthwatering flavors that you can get from Natural State Beverage Company.
Attend local farmers markets and connect with farmers who supply the Co-Op.
Consider starting your own business and take advantage of the entrepreneurial environment in Northwest Arkansas.
Follow Natural State Beverage Company on Facebook.
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