Ozark Natural Foods - Produce

Standards of Quality

All of our produce at Ozark Natural Foods Cooperative is grown in accordance with the USDA & National Organic Program standards for Organics and is either Certified Organic or Certified Naturally Grown—we never carry conventionally grown produce. The staff of the Ozark Natural Foods Produce Department is committed to providing our owners and customers with the best selection of Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown produce and to sourcing as much of that produce from our region’s local farmers as possible.

Local Produce

We place the highest priority on purchasing local produce; we consider an item to be ‘local’ if it is grown within a one hundred mile radius from our store. When an item is available locally, we buy only the local product for as long as the harvest lasts. We work with each farmer to plan what items they will grow, how much our store will purchase, and what we will pay the farmer for the harvest. This information exchange allows the farmer to plan ahead for the next year giving them assurance that there is a market for their products. It also means that at Ozark Natural Foods Cooperative you can find the freshest in top quality, organic, local produce, year round sourced from 30+ local farms. Click here to view a calendar of local and non-local organic produce availability.

Tour De Farms. Our annual tour of local farms, which is held every April, visits about 8 farms and allows customers and staff to see up close and personal what our local farms are like! This is a great chance to meet your farmer and find out where your local produce comes from. Keep your eyes peeled for information on our next Tour De Farms coming up in April 2015.

Annual Farmer’s Appreciation Dinner. The Farmer’s Committee hosts an Annual Farmer’s Appreciation Dinner to recognize and honor all the hard work and dedication of the local farmers that provide products through Ozark Natural Foods Cooperative.

Certified Organic & Certified Naturally Grown

Our produce all falls into one of three categories:

Certified Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, and small scale Organic.

Farms are shown listed under their respective designation in the list below.  Please feel free to click any of the farm names shown as links to see more information about them on their websites.

Certified Organic

Albert’s Organics
Growers Organics
Mycological Mushrooms
High Mowing Seeds

patriceLocal Certified Organic

Foundation Farm
Sweden Creek
Dripping Springs
Sycamore Bend
Foothold Farm

herbCertified Naturally Grown

Bean Mountain Farm
Bur Oak Farm
Lightner Farm
Kenneth Fields
Brannon Mountain Farm
Marty’s Produce
Plenty Good Produce
Windy Valley Farm
Laughing Hill Farm and Garden
Ozark Alternatives
Big D Farm
Herbal Simplicity
Ames Orchard
SAS Greenhouse

Uchumon GardenSmall Scale Organic

Uchumon Hot Peppers
Down Stream Farm
Bell Farm
Moore Produce
Bogody Arias
Rongers Farm
Ansel’s Produce
Funny Farm
Villines Family Farm
Harmony Gardens
Peachcrest Farms

Certified Organic

Becoming Certified Organic means that the farm must meet all the criteria outlined by the National Organic Program, keep diligent records, and pass an annual inspection by a member from one of the USDA’s Accredited Certifying Agents (like Organ Tilth, CCOF, the Agricultural Department of the University of Oklahoma, or CERTIMEX). Currently there are 55 Accredited Certifying Agencies in the United States and 42 international Accredited Certifying Agencies. This also means that all produce grown in another country that bares the Certified Organic logo (above) is Certified Organic through a USDA Accredited Agency so that all the products meet our country’s standards for Organic.

Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown is a separate program whose criteria is exactly the same as the National Organic Programs in terms of allowed and prohibited substances but the cost is less, inspections are performed by other Certified Naturally Grown farmers, and inspection is still annual. This program was developed by Organic farmers and is designed for small, highly-diversified farms that follow all practices and standards for Organic including the lists for allowed and prohibited substances. To see the complete list of the USDA’s allowed and prohibited substances, standards, guidelines, the inspection forms, and history of the Certified Naturally Grown Program, please visit their website.


Fresh Juice & Prepared Produce

Each day we prepare fresh, raw, and unpasteurized juice with our 100% organic produce. Here is our product selection:

-Carrot Juice
-Carrot Celery Juice
-Orange Juice
-Apple Beet Carrot Juice
-Apple Pear Ginger Juice
-Apple Greens Lemon Juice (tastes like green lemonade!)
-Juice of the Day (different every day!)
-Fresh Ginger Shots
-Made to order fresh Wheatgrass Shots

We also create rotating seasonal juices throughout the year like a Spicy Veggie juice, the Juicifer (oranges, beets, habaneros and ginger), and Pumpkin Pie Juice (apple, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and cinnamon). And we are happy to make additional quantities of the above-listed juices upon special request.

Special Orders & Suggestions

Any item that is available on our floor is available for special order! Just call or visit the Owner Services Desk to place an order. Special orders for case quantities of produce receive an additional 10% discount.

Also, any suggestions or product requests are most welcome and we do respond to every suggestion made. We are here to provide you with the highest quality organic produce with the friendliest customer service!