Behind the scenes of Co-Op's early days

"Everybody that is a member of the Co-Op has a piece of the pie."

December 2023

In This Episode:

Dan Kelley, a natural food movement pioneer, shares his journey from the early days at Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op. A part of the original 500 members, Dan witnessed an era marked by community and simplicity. Cash boxes were unattended, and everyone knew one another.
Years later, after leaving and returning to Fayetteville in 1988, Dan has observed the Co-Op's incredible transformation. The once modest store has expanded into a diverse haven of organic products, complete with a Taproom and patio.
Despite the growth, Dan's commitment to community-focused values remains steadfast. He encourages young couples to join the Co-Op, emphasizing access to local products and unique services.
Dan Kelley's legacy lives on, inspiring Ozark Natural Foods Co-Op's 13,500 members. The Co-Op stands as a testament to his unwavering belief in knowledge, quality, and sustainability.

What you will learn in this episode:
• Discover the valuable insights gained from Dan Kelley's pioneering experience as an early general manager in the Co-Op movement.
• Uncover the fascinating history and obstacles faced by the Co-Op sector throughout more than 50 years of growth and transformation.
• Recognize the crucial role local farmers and the sourcing of natural foods play in promoting a sustainable food supply chain.
• Delve into the enticing benefits of joining the Co-Op business model as a member-owner, further empowering your involvement in sustainable food practices.
• Immerse yourself in the captivating community centered around a shared passion for wholesome, nutritious, and ethically sourced food.
All this and more on this episode of Ozark Natural Foods The Co-Op Podcast.

Important Links and Mentions on the Show:
• Visit Ozark Natural Foods to become a member and support the largest food Co-op in Arkansas.
• Try the dirty bread, a favorite of Dan Kelly, at Ozark Natural Foods.

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