Ozark Natural Foods proudly boasts the largest bulk foods & bulk herbs departments in Arkansas! Keep your pantry well stocked with our wide assortment of dried beans, rice, whole grains flours, herbs & spices, and more!

Just in need of a healthy snack? Try one of our numerous varieties of nuts (raw and roasted), dried fruits, trail mixes and granola. Bulk shopping allows you to purchase as much or little as you want. When a recipe calls for just a pinch of an unusual spice, or if you want to compare several varieties of grains, beans, or teas, or say you wish to test out a new culinary herb or type of sugar—bulk is the best option.

Whether it’s freshly ground almond butter straight from the grinder or unfiltered honey harvested right here in Arkansas, chances are we have the products you rely on to keep you and your family eating well.

Why Shop Bulk?

It’s better for the environment. Buying in bulk cuts down on excessive packaging, especially if you reuse your bags and bring your own containers from home.

Cut down on food waste. In bulk, you can buy as much or as little as you need.

Pay less. Most products in bulk will be cheaper than their packaged versions. And since you buy only what you need, you can stop paying for food you don’t want.

How to Shop Bulk

Shopping in bulk is easy! We provide customers with the necessary bags, containers and twist ties needed, but we welcome you to bring in your own (just be sure to take it to one of our cashiers before you fill it so they can mark the weight). Fill your bag or container with as much or as little product as you need, then mark on a twist tie the PLU number located on the bin label, or on the side of the jar when shopping bulk herbs. Continue your shopping, and your cashier will handle the rest!

Write down your PLU but don’t remember what you purchased? No problem!
Refer to our handy PLU lists for bulk foods, bulk herbs & spices, and bulk personal care products.
Find Bulk Grocery PLU #’s here

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