Our Front End Department is here to provide you with the best customer service in Northwest Arkansas that will keep you coming back. Don’t know how to shop bulk? How to place a special order? How to find out if we carry a certain product? Stop by our Owner Services Desk where we can help you in the direction you need to go or find someone who can!

Return Policy: All returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase and must be accompanied with a valid receipt. We reserve the right to refuse returns at our discretion.

Owner Services Desk:
– Place special orders
– Pick up a job application
– Make a return
– Sign up for classes
– Get more information about or sign up to become an owner
– Get product information
– Purchase art
– Get tare weights

Suggestions & Product Requests: Suggestions from our shoppers are always welcomed and appreciated. At the front of the store, we have forms for product requests and general suggestions. To receive a response on your compliments or opportunities for us to improve our service, we ask that you fill out your contact information so the appropriate department may respond to every patron. Have something sweet you want to let us know? We would love to hear it! Just fill out an “I <3 ONF” form. We read all of our suggestions out loud each week so you can be assured your voice is heard! You can read the publicly posted suggestions with responses at the Community Board to see what’s making a buzz in the store or check them out here!

2017 Suggestions and Love Notes

2017 July Product Requests

2017 June Product Requests

2017 May Product Requests

Community Share Program:
We keep donation boxes at all our registers. The charitable causes change every month so everyone in our community has an opportunity to receive a helping hand, people and animal alike. If there is an organization you’d like to offer a donation, simply ask our cashiers to look up the name in our computer so we can help out the group of your choice.

New Leaf Program: Our New Leaf program is designed to help our local farmers and producers with projects or purchases that will help them grow their small local business. Your cashier will ask you at the end of your transaction if you would like to “round-up” your total to the nearest dollar amount and your change adds up to big change for a local producer! You also have the option to donate any amount of your choosing and it will be added to your total at check out. Our first project raised enough money to purchase a 500 gallon cheese vat for White River Creamery!

Co-op Kids: The Co-op Kids activities are located at our Owner Services Desk. Every month a new activity sheet is offered, like a scavenger hunt of the store or drawing your favorite veggie. We also offer a basket of complementary fruit from our Produce department. Sometimes a healthy snack is the best way to keep the young ones sated as they make their way through the store. Forgot to grab your fruit on the way in? No problem, feel free to grab a bite before you exit the store.

Gift Cards: Ozark Natural Foods Gift Cards are available at every register. This is a great way of providing friends and family the means to become an owner or fill their cupboards with a variety of natural and organic products and related services. Don’t feel like getting out today? That’s okay! You can purchase a gift card here.

Gallery Café: In the Gallery Café, we offer a cozy seating area for you to enjoy your purchases from A La Carte, where our standards of quality allow us to use only the best all natural and organic ingredients in every dish with an emphasis on fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. The Gallery Café also features a new local artist every month! You may talk to one of our service desk associates to make any art purchases.