Blueberry Lavender Breakfast Pastries

Breakfast, Brunch, Sweet

6 Servings Print

Spring brunch never looked better (or bluer)!



3 C Cascadian Farms frozen blueberries

½ C Simply Orange orange juice or water

¼ C Wholesome granulated sugar

¼ C pink House Alchemy lavender syrup

½ tsp. kosher salt

1 Tbsp. Lets Do Organic cornstarch

1 Tbsp. Simply Orange orange juice or water

1 box Aussie Bakery Puff Pastry

1 Farmers Hen House egg, whisked

Lavender Icing

2 C Wholesome powdered sugar, sifted

1 ½ Tbsp. Simply Orange orange juice

2 Tbsp. pink House Alchemy lavender syrup

Bit of liquid from the filling, for color

Bulk Culinary Lavender buds to sprinkle on top


Step 1

To make the filling, add the blueberries, orange juice, sugar, syrup, and salt to a medium saucepan and heat over medium heat. Cook for 10 minutes or until blueberries start to burst and the sugar has melted.

Step 2

Make a slurry with your cornstarch and orange juice. Mix into the blueberry mixture and whisk until thickened. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. You can do this the night before.

Step 3

Remove the puff pastry from the freezer and allow to thaw.

Step 4

Roll out and using a pizza cutter, cut into a square. Then cut out rectangles that are around 4 X 5. Repeat until you have an even number, rerolling any scraps. You should get 6 pastries or 12 rectangles.

Step 5

Place half on a parchment or silicone lined baking sheet, leaving 2 inches in between.

Step 6

Brush your egg mixture around the edges.

Step 7

Spoon a heaping tablespoon cooled mixture in the middle and spread out slightly.

Step 8

Place another piece of pastry on top. Gently press with your fingers to seal the edges. Use a fork to press the 2 pieces together. Continue until you are done, cut 2 lines, or use your fork to poke holes in the top for ventilation. Place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.

Step 9

Preheat oven to 400.

Step 10

Remove from the freezer, brush with egg wash and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until the crust is browned. Turning around at the 12 minute mark.

Step 11

While baking, make your icing. Whisk all ingredinets in a bowl until smooth.

Step 12

Allow your pastries to cool completely and drizzle or dip in the icing. Sprinkle additional lavender buds if desired.